Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update on Emily

Well This just seems like the best spot to give everyone the run down on Emily. I should say it saves on the phone calls.

Our family came down with a very bad virus. But our Emily got the worst of it. It all started last Sunday with a High fever and a cough. By Tuesday Emily had a fever 0f 103.9 and I couldn't break it. She also had red eyes (pink eye) and her lips were red and swollen. I called the doc and we went in. Then I found out that she had swollen tonsils. and her skin was a little dry. All of which could be signs of a Kawasaki a child hood illness that could cause permanent heart damage. So we were sent for some blood work. But there is no real testing for Kawasaki. It is one of them things that they just keep and eye on. So we heard back for the blood work on Wednesday. And doc gave her a diagnosis of Mono. But by Thursday we were spiking a fever again and she was complaining of ear pain. So I call doc again and say is there something she can be given for the ear pain. Doc says is the fever down. I say no. Do her eyes look better. I say no. Well i think we should have her go to the hospital. So they wanted an eco on her heart. and a chest X-ray. But mostly they were trying to rule out Kawasaki. So she got the works and by Friday the only thing the found wrong with her was a urinary tract infection. Ya it was the scariest 24 hours of my life. all over a UTI. I would rather be safe than sorry. So i am chucking it up to no harm no foul. She is fine now. But I am now sick,and so is Jason. We are having so much fun here in the hundred acre wood.
Lots of Love

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