Thursday, February 25, 2010

The trip

The third weekend in February every year me and some of my girlie friends take a small little trip. We enjoy this greatly we have nubbed it the Ladies retreat. and it is a blast every year. Something new and exciting happens every year. I fully think everyone should try this @ lease one time.

I thing the best part of this trip is we find somethings out about ourself every year. some times it is different stuff. some times it is the same stuff. but every year we morph into something new. I guess that time away from reality will do that some times. it is a break from the mundane life that we lead every day. a chance to break the cycle. A time to reassure ourself that we are alright.

This year my good friend came up from Alabama. This was her first time since she has been married away from her husband and kids. I thought she was going to have a very hard time just because of that simple fact. Which it was hard for her. But on the other hand she learned allot about her self. She had a fabulous time. she bonded with so many people over the weekend and it was very hard to see her go. But we knew that she had to leave. Even though we will miss her so much.

My other friend realized she needed more social inter actions. and had been needing that female connection of sisterhood. she got her fill of that I tell you

The other lady who went with us found her self again. she had not been whole for sometime. she had a really rough year. But now she realized the person who had caused all of this had no control over her anymore. and she began to heal.

I found my self to heal from a few different events that have happened this year. I needed that time to reflect.

My point is as a woman we need other women in our lives. We need sisterhood we need to connect to other women. And even when you have been hurt by other women in the past you should keep searching for friends. Women find there strength in numbers. I am so proud of my friends , I am so proud to call them sisters.

na·maste [ nə mú stày ] or na·mas·kar [ nùmmə skr ]

Indian gesture of greeting: a polite bow of greeting or farewell used by Hindus, made with the hands held at chest height and both palms pressed together
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  1. I'm so thrilled you ladies had such a nice time. Next year you all WILL see me there as well :) haha I'm determined!