Sunday, January 17, 2010

It is unbelievable!

For those of you who know me and read this, you may know i have the worse luck in the world. Now this is a serious thing. It is not always bad. I have gotten really good at laughing at myself. But it happens none the less.If there is a puddle I am bound to step in it. If there is a time frame I will be late (despite all effort to not be late.) and lets not forget hurting myself. I have a candid ability to hurt my self. And yes this happens often. But one of the most annoying parts of this bad luck is the ability to loose everything.

Hair brushes for ex sample, I can never find one. I know we have about 10 floating around this house. You can never find a hair brush in this home. It is like the walls eat hair brushes.

My keys, I can never find them. I put them on the counter an boom there gone. I swear they have feet. because I feel like such a dumb ass when i go back to that spot, (after I have exhausted all my options) and find them right where I left them.

Socks, I have gotten out a pair of socks, put them on the bed with the bra, panties etc. And proceed to dress my self. get all the way dressed and guess what the socks are gone. I have now started putting my socks on first.

I am starting to remind my self of that strange Blondie girl on Harry Potter, You know the one who is scared of what did she call them, O yeah! snarkels....LOL

Well I need to go get ready now for another fun loving day of madness. You all take care.