Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday blog

Happy Holidays,

Well i have resorted to blog, seeing how i cant seem to get my cards out on time. It has been a very busy year this year in this household so lets catch you up!

The kids are growing quickly. Gabe is now in the 4th grade, he has excellent grades and loves school. He Loves video games, cub scouts which Jason is the den leader - with me as his lovely assistant, and he has signed up for the basketball team. So looking forward to a long winter of games every Saturday morning for a bit.

Nadia has also singed up for basketball. She is in the second grade this year. I am the brownie leader for her girl scout troop. And she is busy with her horse back riding lessons. And that is very cold here in our Michigan winter.

Emily is busy being a 4 year old. which by the way is the most talented of all ages at breaking stuff. LOL I hear daily MOMMY IT IS BROKEN. CANT YOU FIX IT? LOL Unbreakable has no meaning in this house our little destroyer can break anything in the blink of an eye.
But she to takes riding lessons. She is on a break till spring.

Jason got a promotion this year. Which came with more money and more responsibility. He is now on call 24/7. He also has received a new cell paid for by Dow Corning and a new Laptop. From the same charitable employer. So he can work from home. Which might seem like a bad thing to some of you. But it is really nice he can work from home now and not have to run to the plant every other hour. We are thankful for small blessings. Other than work he finds time to read bed time stories to the kids every night. And believe me on the nights he isn't here I don't hear the end of you cant do the voices like daddy! But I am thankful for the help and time he gets with the kids.

On my part I have been busy. LOL Allot has happened this year. As of January 2008 I have became an ordained Minister. Yup you herd it right. I am focusing on weddings from a business prospective. But I love doing weddings. So I am jumping in to this full swing. I am going to be advertising more. And am hoping for a very full summer of wedding bliss. So if you know anyone in our area who is in need of a Minister to affiliate there wedding send them my way. Other than that I have been just doing odds and ends to put a little more cash in my pocket.

But the biggest Joy is staying @ home with the kids. Yes I am saying it. I love being a stay @ home Mommy. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It was a hard choice and trust me I have had very hard days. But at the end of the night I am glad I have the opportunity to stay at home with them.

On the note of Mom she is now staying with Jason and I Monday threw Thursday. And with Cindy and Travis Friday-sun. It has taken us a little bit to get in the swing of things but we have gotten there. The shop is doing well. We have had our ups and downs with it. But that is expected in new business. I now understand how hard family business is. People have said it time and time again. But you really don't think about it until you do it. LOL Mom is the soul owner. But it has taken the hard work of all of us to even have gotten this far. She is now doing it all by herself. It has been hard but she makes it work. I go up and help in my free time.

Well I think that covers everybody. May you all have a blessed Holiday Season. Much love to you and yours,
Jason, Barb,Gabe, Nadia, Emily, and Bear-Bear!

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